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Aeroflex/IFR/Marconi 6200 Microwave Test Set
Elgin, IL, USA


10 MHz to 20 GHz
Electronic Test Equipment
Condition info:
(2) marconi 6230:
Scalar Detectors
(2) marconi 6920:
Power Sensors
(1) weinschel 5848:
Attenuator 30dB
(1) rosenburger 51111:
1 Meter Test Cable
(1) marconi 54424-009b:
Calibration Kit
(1) wiltron 560-97n50-1:
SWR Auto Tester
Subcategory 2:
Network analyzer


The MTS uses a fully synthesized frequency source. The swept signal it provides combines the speed and convienence of an analog sweep generator with the precision of a synthesized sweep. High frequency stability and a resolution of 1 Hz ensures that even narrow filters can be measured with accuracy and confidence.
Power level is settable over a 40 dB range with a maximum guaranteed levelled power of +7 dBm. With the step attenuator option, amplitudes down to -90 dBm may be set for the characterization of amplifiers and otheractive devices.
System Consists of:
(2) Marconi 6920: Power Sensors
(2) Marconi 6230: Scalar Detectors
(1) Marconi 54424-009B: Calibration Kit
(1) Weinschel 5848: Attenuator 30dB
(1) Rosenburger 51111: 1 Meter Test Cable
(1) Wiltron 560-97N50-1: SWR Auto Tester
Marconi 54424-009B Consists of:
(2) short circuit (male and female)
(2) open circuit (male and female)
(2) fixed load (male and female)
(1) Female/female precision adapter
Range: 10 MHz to 20 GHz
Excellent directivity and test port match for precise measurements of reflection coefficient
Time domain software for pinpointing impedance discontinuities in devices or systems
Polar and Smith Chart displays to facilitate matching of devices in circuits
Fast sweep rate to speed up alignment of components in production test
Wide range of calibration kits for 3.5 mm, Type N and 7 mm connectors
Works with standard 6200 series Microwave Test Set for easy upgrade route