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Aeroflex/IFR/Marconi 1100S RF Communications Monitor
Elgin, IL, USA


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The IFR 1100S Receiver and Signal Generator is a digitally synthesized AM/FM/SSB receiver and signal generator. All components within the unit are solid state, with the exception of the CRT and several switches. It incorporates the function of an FM/AM signal generator, FM/AM receiver, RF Spectrum Analyzer, oscilloscope, audio generator, power monitor and a multimeter. All this allows the test set to perform general diagnostic tests and transmitter/receiver performance tests.
IFR 1100S Features:
Generates FM/AM/CW signals from 100 Hz to 1 Ghz
Has variable generator output level from -127dBm to 0dBm
Receives FM/AM/CW/SSB frequencies form 1 MHz to 1 Ghz
Using a sniffer cable, the receiver can measure oscillator freqs without loading the oscillator
Measures Transmitter frequency error, power, FM deviation and AM% modulation
Incorporates a Spectrum Analyzer with a 70dB dynamic range 30 kHz bandwidth with range from 0 to 1 Ghz
Has a built in dual tone generator
Has a general purpose VOM for the typical stuff plus signal distortion and signal plus noise distortion