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Anritsu 560-98C50A SWR Autotester 10MHz-40GHz
Elgin, IL, USA


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Frequency range:
10MHz - 40 GHz


Anritsu 560-98C50A:
Frequency Range: 10MHz - 40 GHz
Convertible SWR Autotesters reduce capital equipment and maintenance costs. A single Convertible SWR Autotester accurately measures the Return Loss or SWR of devices with SMA, 3.5 mm, or K Connector®. Six interchangeable test port heads (male and female for each connector standard) are precision tuned to the Convertible SWR Autotester's internal bridge circuit.
The inexpensive test port heads save repair and calibration costs, because they are interchangeable. Repetitive connect/disconnect cycles will eventually wear out test port connectors - especially when excess torque is applied and the connector's mating surfaces are rotated against each other.
It is common practice today to avoid the subsequent maintenance cost by using adapters or "Connector Savers" on the test port of the directional device RF Bridge, SWR Autotester, or Directional Coupler. Unfortunately, the adapters attached to a standard RF Bridge cause accuracy problems. Directional devices are tuned for optimum directivity at a specific phase reference point - this position is called the test port. Any test port adapter will degrade the effective directivity. The Convertible SWR Autotester's interchangable test port heads eliminate the accuracy problem.