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Anritsu MP1630B Bit Error Rate
Elgin, IL, USA


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The built in high performance synthesizer generates high accuracy signals across a wide frequency range up to 200 MHz. A variety of test patterns can be generated which includes PRBS, Programmable, Zero Substitution, Mixed and PON pattern. With the Mixed Pattern, test signals such as SONET/ATM pseudo test signal including complex communications protocols can be generated. There is no need to have multiple instruments stacked up for Clock Source, Pattern Generator and Error Detector. All of these are combined in a single platform with a host of powerful features and test patterns for the evaluation of digital signals such as eye margin, error performance, delay measurement etc. Operation is made simple as platform based on Microsoft Windows with intuitive GUI, large color LCD, mouse and touch screen in addition to rotary encoder and keys on the front panel.
Pulse Pattern Generator, Error Detector and Clock Source --- All in one platform
Generation and Analysis of 16-channel data
Continuous/Burst Signal Bit Error Measurement
High Performance synthesizer with excellent accuracy
Multiple pattern generation capability - PRBS, Programmable, Mixed, PON and Zero Substitution with variable Mark Ratio
Powerful Error Analysis Function - Eye Margin, Delay, Error Performance measurement per ITU-T G.821 Rec.
Easy to use, Intuitive GUI with Large, Color LCD
Excellent operability with Touch Screen, Mouse, Key pad, and Rotary Encoder