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Anritsu MS2028C 5 kHz To
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
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Network analyzer


NIST Calibration Pricing - $725.00
Anritsu/Wiltron MS2028C Features:
Two-active-port, fully-reversing Vector Network Analyzer
Measures all four S-parameters with a single connection
350 usec per data point, ideal for filter tuning
12-term error correction algorithm
Distance Domain option
Time Domain option includes Gated Time Domain, LP Processing, and Phasor Impulse mode
The Anritsu/Wiltron MS2028C handheld vector network analyzer is the industry's highest performance, handheld solution for true 2-port, 2-path measurements, anytime, anywhere. It specifically addresses complex coaxial or waveguide measurement needs in the field with accurate, vector corrected 2-port magnitude, phase, and standard Distance-To-Fault measurements (requires firmware version 1.16 or higher). The Anritsu/Wiltron MS2028C covers a frequency band from 5 kHz to 20 GHz, which contains a wide variety of radio frequency communications systems as well as many radar and microwave communications systems. Also offered in the VNA Master Family, the Anritsu/Wiltron MS2038C model adds a high-performance spectrum analyzer with ultra-low noise floor. The Anritsu/Wiltron MS2028C offers the industry's first 12-term error correction algorithm in a handheld vector network analyzer. With a typical measurement speed of 350 μsec per point, it is ideally suited for tuning filters in the field where multiple S-parameters often interact during tuning. Using a 3-receiver architecture, the Anritsu/Wiltron MS2028C can measure and display all 2-port S-parameters at once with a one-time connection to the Device Under Test (DUT). RF engineers and technicians in the field provide installation and maintenance support for aerospace, defense, and general purpose communication systems around the world. These might typically include radars on Navy ships, communications on Army vehicles, flight-line test on Air Force and commercial jets. They support VHF Omni-directional Range (VOR) antennas in radio navigational systems globally. They will be routinely faced with a wide variety of system elements that can cause failures in the overall system: antennas, cables, filters, multiplexers, amplifiers, isolators, circulators, switches, and other sophisticated elements. VNA Master also serves in new high technology applications such as radome/dielectric tests in the field. Its VNA error-correction functions vital to innovative test fixtures for dielectrics, laminates, ferrites, lossy paints, and more, offered by manufacturers such as Damaskos, Inc. Another novel application is the age-old problem of fault location in aircraft and shipboard wire cable bundles that snake through bulkheads and compartments.