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BK Precision 9122 60 V,
Elgin, IL, USA


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Dc power supply


NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00
The BK Precision 9122 0-60V, 0-2.5A Professional Single Output Program DC Power Supply is part of a series designed with built-in RS232 and SCPI language compatibility.
The BK 9122 has a meter resolution of 10mV and 1mA that make these power supplies ideal for low power surface mount circuits that require very precise voltage and current settings.
The 9122 was designed to meet the needs of today’s applications in R&D design verification, university labs, production testing and other applications that require clean/reliable power and excellent performance.
BK Precision 9122 Features:
60 Volts
2.5 AMP
10mV & 1mA Display Resolution
Over-voltage protection and remote sensing
Excellent regulation and very low noise
SCPI compatible
RS232 Interface
Fast Transient Response Time
Closed Case Calibration
Output terminals are banana style (not binding posts), click on Accessories for leads
Available Accessories:
TIP 102:
Insulated Alligator Clip Set
TIP 104:
Insulated Spade Lug Adapters
TIP 127:
Flexible Pincer Set
TIP 129:
Alligator Clip
TL 9110:
Solderless Un-Sleeved Banana Plug Kit
TL 9120:
50cm, Stacking Retractable Sleeve Plug Output Cable Kit
TL 9160:
150cm, Stacking Retractable Sleeve Plug Output Cable Kit
Power Supply Test Leads Set