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BNC (Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.) 625A
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
± 0.2 dB (DC-20 MHz)
Dc offset:
0 V to ± 4.0 V, 1 mV steps (into 50 ohms)
DC to 21.5 MHz, 0.01 Hz steps
Condition info:
Level accuracy:
± 1%


The BNC Model 625A (SG-100A/Telulex) represents a major breakthrough in price/performance for signal generation and signal measurements and analysis. This versatile device allows the engineer to access a broad range of operating modes such as arbitrary waveform, pulse, word/data integration, function, VCO, AM, FM, SSB, FSK, and burst.
The BNC 625A is much more than a a signal generator: Never before has so much versatility, capability, and performance been packed into a single-low cost instrument. Its architecture is based on the latest advances in DSP and DDS technology which not only ensures calibrated and drift free performance, but also gives the engineer signal measurement and analysis functions such as voltage/power measurement and DTMF detection.
The BNC 625A delivers clean, fully synthesized, DC to 21.5 MHz modulated or unmodulated waveforms with ) 0.01 Hz frequency resolution and 1mV and 0.1 dBm amplitude resolution. User friendly features include a large, easy-to read LCD display which allows the user to see all modulation parameters simultaneously. A full numeric keypad and encoder provides direct editing of each parameter, without confusing sub-menus.
Frequency: DC to 21.5 MHz, 0.01 Hz steps
Level: 2 mV p-p to 5.000 V p-p, 1 mV steps (into 50 ½) or -50.0 dBm to +18.0 dBm, 0.1 dBm steps (into 50 ohms)
Level Accuracy: ± 1%
Flatness: ± 0.2 dB (DC-20 MHz)
DC Offset: 0 V to ± 4.0 V, 1 mV steps (into 50 ohms)