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BNC (Berkeley Nucleonics Corp.) 630
Elgin, IL, USA


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The Model 630/632 Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator represents the finest single source for signal generation to date.
Combining the latest DSPand DSS technologies, the Model 630/632 offers a number of operating modes, providing a versatile, cost-effective signal source. You will find the Model 630/632is the best value and most capable instrument for any bench. Arbitrary Waveform Function Generator, Sweep Function Generator, Pulse, VCO, AM, FM, Ø Modulation, FSK and Burst Modes are all accessed quickly and easily from the front panel keypad. The Model 630/632 has a user-defined waveform capability that eliminates the phase shifts, added data points and dropped data points.
In traditional designs, data points are either repeated or dropped when the number of data points and the desired output frequency do not match exactly with the internal timing. In addition, the dropped or repeated data points are not necessarily the same ones each time the arbitrary waveform is constructed. In the traditional designs, the sampling of data points results in phase shifts when the sampling clock rate and the total points in the waveform are not exactly matched. The Model 630/632is a "true arb" with fully synchronized outputs.
No phase jitter or dropped points
Recreate "real-world" signals
More standard waveforms
Simulates normal and aberrant situations
More operating modes
"The best of both worlds"– EDN