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Bergoz IPCT-2000MA Integrated Parametric Current
Elgin, IL, USA


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The IPCT is a High Sensitivity Current sensor operating on the principle of the Direct Current Current Transducer (DCCT). Invented at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory, by K. Unser in 1969. The DC component of the primary current flowing through the toroid sensor is detected by a magnetic modulator, also called a fluxgate or second-harmonic detector.
The AC component is detected by an active Hereward transformer. The two circuits are cascaded in a common feedback loop to generate a current and hence magnetic flux which always cancels the primary current flux. The IPCT output is the voltage developed by the feedback current or "compensation current" through a precision "burden" resistor internal to the IPCT.
Bergoz IPCT-2000MA Features:
Full scale range from ± 1 mA to ± 2A
Flat response from DC to 4 kHz (depending on range)
10 µA rms resolution on any range
± 10 V analog output
Large aperture 69 mm (2.7in)
Accuracy independent of primary conductor position
Withstands high overload and inrush currents
Increased sensitivity with multiple primary turns
100 times better resolution than Hall effect current sensors
Return ground currents, DC and AC
Leakage current, DC and AC
Sum of low currents
Small difference of high currents
Low current at high voltage
Power tube electrode currents
Electrostatic corona discharge
Electrochemically induced currents
Standby systems charging currents