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California Instruments 2001RP AC Power
Elgin, IL, USA


Condition info:
Full power with up to 3.3:
1 crest factor loads
Ac power sources


Compact AC Power
Offering simple rotary front panel controls, the 2001RP Programmable AC Power Source is ideally suited for a wide range of applications. Selectable input voltage ranges allow this product to be used anywhere in the world to provide a convenient source of variable utility power for the testing and evaluation of domestic and commercial equipment. All common line voltage and frequency combinations are covered. In addition, the frequency range extends to 5,000 Hz, making these products ideal for commercial and defense avionics applications. Accurate measurement functions are available as an option to eliminate the need for external test equipment in many test setups. Voltage, current, peak current, power, and power factor can be read directly on the large LCD display or over the bus. Overload protection is provided standard using a programmable current limit function.
Easy To Use Controls
Front panel digital rotary encoders are used to set voltage and frequency. These controls have an analog feel, with the precision and reliability of digital circuits. Settings are read directly on the large high contrast LCD displays. Dual output voltage ranges of 150 Vrms and 300 Vrms, provide maximum current at the required voltage. The output frequency can be varied from 16 Hz up to 5,000 Hz to cover commercial, avionics and defense power applications.
IEC 1000-3-2 Test Applications
The low total harmonic distortion of the output makes the RP Series suitable AC sources for IEC 1000-3-2 Current Harmonics pre compliance testing.
Quality Control
For product quality test applications, the 2001RP can be used to simulate line conditions found anywhere in the world. This ensures products destined for export will operate as designed.
Avionics Applications
As an affordable and reliable source of 400 Hz AC power, the 2001RP is well suited for commercial and defense avionics applications.
Functional Design
The small form factor and low weight makes the 2001RP convenient to use in a variety of locations. Removable rubber feet protect the work surface if the unit is used in a bench top mode. The 5.25 inch height saves valuable rack space when compared to conventional AC power sources at this power level.
2001RP Features:
16 Hz to 5,000 Hz
Dual output voltage ranges, 0-300 or 150 VAC
Full power with up to 3.3:1 crest factor loads
Standard Current measurement
Optional measurements for Peak Current, Voltage, Real Power, Apparent Power, Power Factor
Simple Front Panel and Rear panel Connections
Optional GPIB and RS-232C interfaces
Made in USA
CE Mark
Option Package 1:
IEEE-488 / RS232C Interface and GUI software
Remote Inhibit input
Function Strobe output