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California Instruments 4500L-1P AC Power
Elgin, IL, USA


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Ac power sources


California Instruments 4500L:
Single Phase AC Power Source
5000VA Output Power
45Hz - 550Hz Frequency Range
Programmable Oscillator w/ Transient Capability
For simple manual operation, the -M controller provides rotary knobs for setting voltage and frequency
Both front panel and computer control is available using the -P controller option
Units equipped with -P controller option also offer built in measurement functions
The California Instruments 4500L is a unit that is completely self-contained. Control is through an embedded oscillator, factory configured to your specific requirements.
Output parameters are controlled via the front panel or the IEEE-488 bus.
Bus programming, standard with -P,-PT and HGA controllers, allows programming and measurement function readback compatible with a number of other standards including VXI, MXI and RS232 via recommended translators.
To simplify programming, the standard unit supports both Abbreviated Plain English programming and an ATLAS-based control language.
For avionics applications, any 3-phase model can be configured with 26 V and 5 V auxiliary outputs. (AX option)
The L Series is ideal for applications where small size, low heat dissipation and light weight are important. These include DC power supply testing, production test, quality assurance verification, engineering and ATE.