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Chroma 63030 64V, 60A, Smart
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Electronic load


The Chroma Model 6300 series Smart Electronic Load System is the state-of-the-art instrument for testing DC power sources and power electronic components. The system is configured by plugging the user selectable load modules into the system mainframe, and operated using the instrument front panel keypads or the remote controlled instructions via GPIB interface. The load modules can be programmed independently for testing multi-output DC/DC power supplies, or in parallel for testing high power application.
The 6300 family offers 4 types of modular loads with power ranging from 60 watts to 300 watts, current setting from 150£gA to 60A, and voltage measurement from 0.5mV to 250V. Each load is isolated and floating, programmable in dual current ranges and measuring voltage ranges, and capable of synchronizing interface for master/slave control operation. The load can be operated in constant current, constant resistance,constant voltage, or constant power mode.
The 6300 can simulate a wide range of dynamic loading applications. The loading waveform is user programmable in slew rates, load levels, duration, and conducting voltage. The load can also be controlled via external analog control voltage, or signal generator to simulate specific application requirements. Furthermore, up to 100 sets of system operating status can be stored in battery backup SRAM and recalled instantly for automated testing application.
60 Amps
64 Volts
300 Watts
Plug-in electronic load modules in selectable mainframes
Parallel load modules up to 2400W for high current and power application
Master/Slave interface for synchronizing multiple loads
GPIB/RS-232 Interface
CC, CR, CV, and CP operation modes
Precision loading delivers 150£gA resolution
Minimize input resistance allowing load to sink high current at low voltage
Dynamic loading with speed up to 20KHz
Real time load simulation and output measurement
Store up to 100 sets of front panel input Status for instant recall
15 bits precision voltage and current measurement with multi-range selection
Remote sensing capability
20MHz differential mode noise measurement
Short circuit test & short current measurement