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Clarke Hess 828 Voltage-Current Calibrator
Elgin, IL, USA


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The Model 828 Current-Voltage Calibrator is a compact, self-regulating instrument capable of meeting a high percentage of calibration requirements for laboratory, production line and field use.
A minimum number of controls assure ease of operation for all grades of personnel. Output voltage and current are set by fingertip operation of a centrally located digital readout /selector control. Setting time is less than 1.5 second.
Voltage Calibrator output is covered in four ranges: 1V, 10V, 100V and 1000V with 100% over-range on the three lower ranges and 10% over-range on the 1000V range.
Current Calibrator output is supplied in five full-scale ranges of 1, 10, 100mA and 1 and 10A. Over-range is 100% on all ranges except the 10A range where maximum output is 5A.
Clarke Hess 828 Features:
AC/DC Output
Wide Range - 1 Millivolt to 1100 Volts, 1 Microampere to 5 Amperes
High Accuracy
Ease of Operation
High Stability
Direct Reading Percent Deviation of Output Control
High Burden and Compliance Ratings
Short Circuit and Overburden Protection
Continuous Resolution Run-up for Analog Meter Friction Testing
Compact Size for Ease of Portability and Minimum Bench Space Requirements
Rapid Warm-up