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ETS Lindgren EMCO 3816-2NM LISN
Elgin, IL, USA


Connector in:
Intergral cord with customer specified cordset
Connector out:
Condition info:
Lines + ground:
Frequency range:
9 kHz to 30 MHz
Maximum current:
16 A
Maximum voltage:
125 VAC Line to Ground
Source frequency:
60 Hz
Network inductance impedance:
50/250 uH, 50 Ohm


Line Impedance Stabilization Networks are multi-line low pass filter networks used for conducted emissions measurement. LISNs isolate an electrically powered EUT from the external powersource, stabilize line impedance (for repeatable measurements), and provide a 50 Ohm RF connection to measure EMI voltage generated by the EUT.
Standard Configuration:
LISN assembly
One Piece, Multi-Line for Convenience
Wide Frequency for Broad Measurement
Coild Matched to Application
Insulated Plugs for Safer Power Connections
RF Shielding to Minimize Intrusion
Individually calibrated per ANSI C63.4
Expanded Uncertanity Values:
(IEEE 291, IEEE 302, IEEE 1309, ANSI C63.4)
10 k to 30 kHz +/- 0.70 dB
30 to 100 kHz +/- 0.47 dB
100 k to 10 MHz +/- 0.25 dB
10 to 30 MHz +/- 0.70 dB
30 to 100 MHz +/- 1.16 dB
Connector Out: NEMA
Connector In: Intergral cord with customer specified cordset
Lines + Ground: 2
Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 30 MHz
Source Frequency: 60 Hz
Maximum Current: 16 A
Maximum Voltage: 125 VAC Line to Ground
Network Inductance Impedance: 50/250 uH, 50 Ohm