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ETS Lindgren EMCO 7405 Probe
Elgin, IL, USA


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The Emco 7405 Probe Set is a
passive, near field probe set designed as
a diagnostic aid for locating and
characterizing sources of E and H-Field
emissions. The set consists of three loop
probes, one stub and one ball probe, an
extension handle, an optional battery-powered
preamplifier, and a foam-lined
carrying case with a manual and
application note.
The handle of each probe terminates in a
BNC connector. Probes are designed to
be used with a signal analyzing device
such as an oscilloscope or spectrum
analyzer. The optional preamplifier is
useful when signal amplification is
necessary for the analyzing device.
The loop probes are H-Field selective and
directional. Sensitivity is relative to loop
diameter. For example, the 6 cm loop can
be used to make a general survey for HField
emissions, while the smaller
diameter loops can isolate specific
The ball and stub probes are E-Field
selective and omni-directional. The stub
probe is designed for precise E-Field
source location, such as signal traces or
IC pins. The ball probe has a large
sensing element and is capable of
locating weaker signals.
EMCO 7405 Features:
Broadband Frequency Range
Linear Response
Locates both E and H- Field
Emissions Sources
Specialized Sizes / Shapes for Sensitivity
Includes Free Carrying Case
New Optional Preamplifier for Signal Amplification -
Not Included