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Fluke FLK-Ti32 60HZ Industrial-Commercial Thermal
Elgin, IL, USA
$8,000 USD
FLK-Ti32 60HZ



High performance thermal imagers have never been this affordable. This rugged. Or, this easy to use … until now.
The new Fluke Ti32 combines a powerful 320x240 sensor into the award winning, rugged design of the Ti25 and Ti10, delivering the first industrial grade, high performance thermal imager. The result is strikingly crisp, detailed images that, blended with our patented IR-Fusion®, are sure to make a lasting impression.
Don’t take our word for it—see it yourself!
Incredible performance at unbelievably low prices.
In these tough economic times, we all have to do more with less.
Superior image quality
Delivers the clear, crisp images needed to find problems fast with its 320x240 sensor.
Identify even the smallest temperature differences that could indicate problems with industry-leading thermal sensitivity (NETD).
Automatic alignment (parallax correction) of visual and infrared images with Fluke patented IR-Fusion®
Optional telephoto and wide angle lenses available for added versatility and special applications. (easily installable in the field)
Thermal Sensitivity (NETD) Improvement: now ≤ 45mK (0.045 °C)
Easy to use
Field replaceable batteries give you maximum flexibility no matter where your work takes you.
Intuitive, three-button menu is easy to use—simply navigate with the push of a thumb.
No need to carry pen and paper—record findings by speaking into the imager. Voice annotations can be recorded with every image you take. Voice comments are saved along with individual images for future reference.
One-handed focus capability, emissivity correction, reflected background temperature compensation, and transmission correction increase the accuracy of measurements in most situations.
Adjustable hand strap for left-or right-handed use.
Everything needed to get started is included.
Optimized for field use in challenging work environments.
Engineered and tested to withstand a 2 m (6.5 ft) drop for the ultimate peace of mind - When was the last time you dropped a tool or piece of equipment?
Withstands dust and water—tested to an IP54 rating.
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Thermal imager with standard infrared lens
AC power supply and battery pack charger (including mains adapters)
Two, rugged lithium ion smart battery packs
SD memory card
Multi-format USB memory card reader for downloading images into your computer
SmartView® software with free software upgrades for life
Rugged, hard carrying case
Soft transport bag
Adjustable hand strap
Printed users manual
Warranty registration card
Interactive training DVD