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Fluke 792A AC/DC Transfer Standard
Elgin, IL, USA


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Accurate, fast and easy to use
At the heart of the Fluke 792A is the patented Solid-State Thermal RMS sensor, which has been proven in a variety of Fluke products since 1979. Its output voltage is 2V, compared to the 7 to 10 mV output of traditional thermocouples. That means the 792A exhibits excellent signal-to-noise characteristics and minimal reversal errors as low as 10 ppm relative to input voltage. The 2V output also permits you to make measurements with high resolution so you can use a digital voltmeter rather than a null meter to make transfers. Not only are measurements easier to make, they are more precise as well. And because it is small, the RMS Sensor has very low thermal mass, so the 792A stabilizes in as little as 30 seconds and can be used over a wide temperature range of 11° C to 35° C. The RMS Sensor is designed to be rugged and reliable. Each is built to exacting standards by the Fluke Microelectronics Operation to maintain quality and consistency, part after part.
The 792A is an ultra-high accuracy AC/DC Thermal Transfer Standard, designed to meet the most demanding ac traceability requirements.
Accurate, fast and easy to use
Fully traceable performance
Nine ranges from 22 mV to 1000V (with external range resistor)
Visual and audible alert warns of approaching overload condition
Input connector located on rear panel
Two volt (full scale) output permits the use of a high resolution digital multimeter to simplify transfer measurements
External power supply makes bench use more convenient and simplifies shipping of the transfer unit for calibration