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Fluke 9500B/1100 1.1 GHz, Oscilloscope
Elgin, IL, USA


Form factor:
Condition info:
Maximum frequency:
1.1 GHz
Minimum frequency:
0.1 Hz
Frequency accuracy:
0.012 %
Dc volts range steps:
Dc current range steps:
Dc volts maximum range:
5 V
Dc volts minimum range:
1 mV
Maximum output voltage:
3.336 V
Minimum output voltage:
4.44 mV
Dc current maximum range:
100 mA
Dc current minimum range:
100 uA
Resistance maximum range:
12 MOhm
Resistance minimum range:
10 Ohm
Resistance no. of ranges:
Dc volts basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.025 %
Dc current basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.25 %
Resistance basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.5 %


The Fluke 9500B/1100 System's unique active head technology injects precision sine, square, fast-edge and timing marker waveforms directly into the oscilloscope's input connectors.
Fluke 9500B/1100 Features:
Form Factor: Mainframe
DC Volts Minimum Range: 1 mV
DC Volts Maximum Range: 5 V
DC Volts Range Steps: 1/2/5
DC Volts Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.025 %
DC Current Minimum Range: 100 uA
DC Current Maximum Range: 100 mA
DC Current Range Steps: 1/10/100
DC Current Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.25 %
Resistance Minimum Range: 10 Ohm
Resistance Maximum Range: 12 MOhm
Resistance No. of Ranges: 2 QTY
Resistance Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.5 %
Minimum Frequency: 0.1 Hz
Maximum Frequency: 1.1 GHz
Minimum Output Voltage: 4.44 mV
Maximum Output Voltage: 3.336 V
Frequency Accuracy: 0.012 %
Drive up to 5 Active Heads
Built-in PCMCIA procedure mode
Sine,Sq,Low/High-edge pulse
Fast-edge only on 9520/9530
Timing markers
LF Linear ramp
Overload pulse
Zero skew
Capacitance 1 pF to 95 pF
Calibration software