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Fluke 9500B-3200 3.2 GHz, Oscilloscope
Elgin, IL, USA


Condition info:
Maximum frequency:
1.1 GHz
Minimum frequency:
0.1 Hz
Frequency accuracy:
0.012 %
Dc volts range steps:
Dc current range steps:
Dc volts maximum range:
5 V
Dc volts minimum range:
1 mV
Maximum output voltage:
3.336 V
Minimum output voltage:
4.44 mV
Dc current maximum range:
100 mA
Dc current minimum range:
100 uA
Resistance maximum range:
12 MOhm
Resistance minimum range:
10 Ohm
Resistance no. of ranges:
Dc volts basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.025 %
Dc current basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.25 %
Resistance basic 1 yr accuracy:
0.5 %


The 9500 System's unique active head technology injects precision sine, square, fast-edge and timing marker waveforms directly into the oscilloscope's input connectors.
Using proprietary hybrid-circuit construction techniques and state-of-the-art semiconductor devices, these active heads generate 3-volt 150-picosecond rise-time edges just millimetres behind their BNC output connector -- eliminating signal aberrations caused by long interconnect paths. Accurate 50 ohm matching further enhances waveform integrity.
With the Active Head directly connected to the oscilloscope's input you will no longer have the problem of deciding whether aberrations in the trace are due to the oscilloscope or the connecting leads.
The very same Active Heads also deliver precision dc levels up to +/-200V, amplitude calibration squarewaves up to 200Vpk-pk from 10 Hz to 100 kHz (positive from ground, negative from ground or bipolar), levelled sinewaves from 0.1 Hz to 3.2 GHz and three different styles of high accuracy timing marker from 0.5 ns to 50 s.
A single Active Head is therefore capable of delivering all the waveforms required to calibrate input amplifier gain, offset, pulse response, bandwidth and flatness, LF and HF triggering and timebase accuracy.
The 9500 System's Active Heads come in two variants. The 9510 Active Head delivers 500 picosecond edges and the 9520 generates 150 and 500 picosecond edges - allowing you to test the pulse response of latest generation and next generation high-bandwidth scopes to their performance limits.
Both Active Heads are ruggedized for hard and continuous usage, coming with a three year warranty as standard. And, as you'd expect, all Active Heads work with all Model 9500 Workstation configurations.
It's all backed up by a simple calibration support strategy. When the 9500 system requires calibration, all you have to do is detach Active Heads and send them to one of our Service Centers (or a suitable in-house cal facility) - the Model 9500 mainframe can be easily calibrated with a long-scale DMM, allowing it to remain in operation using previously calibrated Active Heads.
DC Volts Minimum Range: 1 mV
DC Volts Maximum Range: 5 V
DC Volts Range Steps: 1/2/5
DC Volts Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.025 %
DC Current Minimum Range: 100 uA
DC Current Maximum Range: 100 mA
DC Current Range Steps: 1/10/100
DC Current Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.25 %
Resistance Minimum Range: 10 Ohm
Resistance Maximum Range: 12 MOhm
Resistance No. of Ranges: 2 QTY
Resistance Basic 1 yr accuracy: 0.5 %
Minimum Frequency: 0.1 Hz
Maximum Frequency: 1.1 GHz
Minimum Output Voltage: 4.44 mV
Maximum Output Voltage: 3.336 V
Frequency Accuracy: 0.012 %
Drive up to 5 Active Heads
Built-in PCMCIA procedure mode
Sine,Sq,Low/High-edge pulse
Fast-edge only on 9520/9530
Timing markers
LF Linear ramp
Overload pulse
Zero skew
Capacitance 1 pF to 95 pF
Calibration software