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Fluke PM2811 30V/10A/60W, Power Supply
Elgin, IL, USA


Condition info:
Dc power supply


NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00
Fluke PM2811 Features:
30 Volts
10 Amps
60 Watts
GPIB Single Output
Versatile power
Reliability by design
Simple operation
Versatile programming
Extensive protection features
Voltage source or current source
Internal memory
External trigger lines
(AUTO)STEP function
Coupled parameters
Parameter display
Easy calibration
Fit for many applications
The Fluke 2811 Programmable Power Supply was created with automated testing in mind. The GPIB/IEEE-488 interface, output power module and output metering facilities are built in, taking up only two engineering units of rack height. The full rack-width models come equipped with rack mount ears for easy installation in a standard 19-inch rack. The front panel allows full access to all instrument functions, including voltage and current readback.
A sequence of front panel settings can be created with the AUTOSTEP mode, quickly creating an automated test pattern of user-defined voltages and currents with no need for a controller.
The optional front panel output gives the user easy access to both the power output connections and the sense lines; great for prototyping and temporary setups.