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Instek APS-1102 750 VA/1000VA Output,
Elgin, IL, USA


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Dc power supply


The Instek APS-1102 AC Power Supply functions not only in the role as a precision AC/DC power supply but also a powerful analyzer, containing abundant features for the testing and characteristic analysis of power supplies, electronic devices, components and modules. Besides simultaneously providing AC/DC power, APS-1102 also allows free programming of outputs for the simulation of a power source with abnormal variations. The instantaneous interruption, frequency sweeping, voltage sweeping and arbitrary waveforms of power source can be easily generated in accordance with the test requirements. The output function includes two main modes, AC and AC + DC. Each mode can be combined with any of the four signal sources, internal(INT), external(EXT), internal + external(ADD), and synchronization, to give an ultimate flexibility of power source setting.
Instek's APS-1102 AC Power Source Measures Voltage, Current, Watts, Frequency, Power Factor, Harmonics, Trms and more....
The APS-1102 AC Power Supply provides measurement functions, including Voltage, Current, Power, Frequency, Load power factor, Load crest factor and Harmonic current, are provided to monitor the output status in a real time manner. The measurement of Inrush Current, which occurs during power-on of a capacitor load, can be done easily. All these measurement readings and settings are displayed on a 5.7”LCD screen simultaneously. APS-1102 AC Power Source includes a multi-functional and user-friendly software, which supports the remote control of panel operations, Sequence editing and execution, Arbitrary waveform editing and transfer, and Data logging via USB interface
Instek APS-1102 Power Supply Measures and/or Limits Inrush Current for Capacitive Input Loads
For electronic products containing a power input capacitor type rectifier, an inrush current, which is larger that the rated current of the device, may flow through the power line immediately upon power activation of the device. The Instek APS-1102 Precisioin AC Power Source, via its peak current hold feature, is able to measure this short time inrush currrent.
Harmonic Current Measurement (Built-in Wattmeter Power Quality Analyzer)
Absolute values of harmonic current in RMS and the harmonic to fundamental ratios up to the 40th harmonic (2KHz @ 50Hz fundamental) can be measured and displayed.
APS-1102 includes Remote Control Software for Automation
The APS-1102 AC Power Source includes a multi-functional user friendly software that supports the remote control of front panel ooperations, Sequential Editing and execution, Arbitraty waveform edicting and transfer, and Data Logging. The included Remote Control Software, via the USB Interface, will manage Data Logging, Sequential editing and execution, Arbitrary Waveform editing and transfer and Remote Control of front panel operations.