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Kikusui PAT40-200T 20V, 400A DC
Elgin, IL, USA


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Dc power supply


NIST Calibration Pricing - $115.00
The PAT-T Series is a constant voltage / constant current, auto-shifting DC Power Supply. It features a soft switching system that offers greater efficency and lower noise. At the same time, it makes full use of high-density packaging technology to reduce the units size and weight.
Output capacity of 8 kW from a unit of standard rack width (430 mm), a height of about 130 mm (3U), and a depth of about 550 mm.
Incorporates a power factor correction circuit power to improve the environment and contribute to energy saving
Capable of full-load, continuous operation even at an ambient temperature of 50 C.
High noise resistance
Can be configured in parallel with a master / slave setup to supply up to 40 kW
Configuration memory feature lets you store and call three sets of voltage / current values
Eight protective features to guard against overvoltage, overcurrent, etc.
Capable of external analog control, monitor output (voltage outout and current output), and status output.
Capable of setting a delay time (0.1 to 10.0 seconds) for current power output following the turning on of the output switch (OUTPUT ON / OFF delay).
Full Version The trigger function more freedom when measuring timing.
Equipped with an RS-232C interface is standard.
IEEE 488.2 standard compliant interface and SCPI commands.