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Kikusui PCR2000W Single-Phase, Hi-Efficiency AC
Elgin, IL, USA


Form factor:
Condition info:
Max. frequency:
500 Hz
Min. frequency:
1 Hz
No. of outputs:
1 o/p
Number of phases:
1 ph
Number of ranges:
Output 1 max. power:
2000 Watts
Output 1/range 1 max current:
20 A (1V to 150V)
Output 1/range 2 max current:
10 A (2V to 300V)
Dc power supply


With a primary development concept of improved efficiency and low cost, the PCR-W/W2-Series, regulated AC power supply, features a balance of performance, function, quality, and cost based on the technology and know-how established with the PCR-L Series of products. Specifically, PWM inverter system was used for the power unit, providing the power supply with improved efficiency (by approximately 75 %), low-input current demand, and a considerably downsized and lightweight package design.
The PCR-W/W2-Series power supply features a wide input range and high-quality, powerful output (as well as a reduction in low-waveform distortion, and the provision of high response speed and low power-factor load) for worldwide application, and is equipped not only with measurement and output capabilities for AC parameters such as RMS value, peak value, power, and power factor, but also with DC output and AC+DC output modes. With these features, the capabilities of the PCR-W/W2-Series power supply go beyond ordinary AC power supply, providing greater convenience.
Form Factor: Benchtop
No. of Outputs: 1 o/p
Number of Phases: 1 ph
Min. Frequency: 1 Hz
Max. Frequency: 500 Hz
Output 1 Max. power: 2000 Watts
Number of ranges: 2
Output 1/Range 1 Max Current: 20 A (1V to 150V)
Output 1/Range 2 Max Current: 10 A (2V to 300V)