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LeCroy LC684DXL 1.5 GHz, Color
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
1.5 GHz
Condition info:
Max. record length:
16 Mpt/sec
Number of channels:
4 ch
One channel only max. sampling rate:
8 GSa/s
Subcategory 2:
Digital oscilloscope


NIST Calibration Pricing - $295.00
The LeCroy LC684DXL is the only scope capable of capturing, viewing, and analyzing signals of 1.5 GHz bandwidth, and up to 2 ms duration with a sample rate of 8 GS/s in a single shot. To get the complete picture once you capture that rare event, you can inspect and analyze the full waveform or any selected region with 5 ps resolution.
With long memory you can capture the signal duration at maximum sample rate. This lets you view and analyze the full signal and be assured of maximum fidelity, unlike a short-memory scope that must reduce the sample rate to capture a long single-shot interval. The SmartMemory system automatically manages memory to give you the best, most accurate view of the signal without aliasing.
Observing the signal prior to the trigger point can prove invaluable during the debug process. Long memory allows you to observe and analyze the signal's many cycles prior to the trigger. SmartMemory helps you find the source of the error, not just observe the error!
Bandwidth: 1.5 GHz
Number of Channels: 4 ch
Simultaneous Maximum Sampling Rate/ch: 4 MSa/s
One channel only max. sampling rate: 8 GSa/s
Max. Record Length: 16 Mpt/sec