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LeCroy LT354 500 MHz, Waverunner
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
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Digital oscilloscope


NIST Calibration Pricing - $235.00
The LeCroy LT354, Waverunner™ -2 Oscilloscope, is the newest member of the Waverunner™ -2 Series of digital oscilloscopes from LeCroy. It provides the power you need to quickly view, measure, and evaluate your signals — accurately and reliably — all at a reasonable price. The Waverunner-2 series is designed to save engineers valuable time in troubleshooting signals and problem solving.
The Waverunner™-2 Oscilloscope LT354 provides 500 MHz of bandwidth at 1 GS/s into 2 Mpts of acquisition memory per channel (with the the “ML” memory option). This allows single-shot capture of long, complex signals at high sampling rates on all 4 channels with no interleaving required. The external trigger input is useful to trigger on an additional signal. Altogether, the Waverunner-2 series provides the bandwidth, sample rate, acquisition memory, and processing power needed to test signals with excellent fidelity, resolution, and precision.
Each Waverunner™-2 Oscilloscope LT354 is an integrated and powerful system providing the capability to CAPTURE, VIEW, and ANALYZE (simple as well as complex) signals. The Wavepilot toolbar offers easy access to popular measurement and analysis functions.
4 Channels
500 MHz Bandwidth
1 GS/s Single-Shot Sampling Rate on all channels
50 GS/s Repetitive Sample Rate
Better than 10 ppm Timebase Accuracy with 5 ps resolution
Up to 2 Mpt waveforms on all channels (with option ML)
8.4” TFT LCD Color Display
SMART Triggers include Slew Rate and Runt to