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Analog oscilloscope


The LBO-516 is a 100 MHz oscilloscope with all of the features normally found on a lab-grade scope: highfidelity pulse response, stable operation, dual timebase with calibrated sweep delay, flexible triggering facilities, and a bright CRT display with illuminated internal graticule. Moreover, it also has a very unusual feature found on few scopes in any price class: it can simultaneously display up to eight traces from three different input signals! In addition to the two vertical-input channels and their difference signal, the signal used to externally trigger the main timebase can also appear on the CRT display. The alternate sweep mode, which allows the main and delayed timebases to simultaneously sweep the CRT, effectively doubles this four-trace display to an eight-trace display.
The comprehensive triggering facilities of the LBO-516 include several features that ease the problem of triggering on complex signals: a variety of frequency-selective coupling filters, a trigger holdoff-control, and a trigger pickoff that alternates between the two vertical channels.
Bandwidth 100 MHz
Rise time 3.5 ns
Number of Channels 3 ch Min
Vertical Sensitivity 5 mV/div
Maximum Vertical Sensitivity 5 V/div
Vertical(or Deflection Factor) Accuracy 3 %
Input Coupling AC,DC,GND
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Maximum Input Voltage 600 V(dc+p
Main time base - lowest 20 ns/div
Main time base - highest 500 ms/div
B Sweep Time Base (low) 20 ns/div
B Sweep Time Base (high) 50 ms/div
Trigger Source External,Internal
Trigger Modes Auto,Normal
Trigger Sensitivity 0.4 mV
Display Type CRT Monochrome