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Omega CL25 Calibrator, Thermometer, Datalogger
Elgin, IL, USA


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Omgea CL25 Features:
Combination calibrator, thermometer and datalogger
0.3°C (0.5°F) Accuracy from 18 to 28°C (64 to 82°F)
NIST-Traceable Certificate of Calibration (No Points)
Simulates and Measures Thermocouples, RTDs, Thermistors, and Ω
0.1°C/°F Resolution
10 Memory Locations for Saving Meter Readings or Calibrator Outputs
Step Calibrator, Meter Hold, Thermometer Functions
Ramp Function
Function selection and numeric data entered via 12 keyswitch color coded keypad
Keyswitches have tactile feedback
5 digit LCD includes annunciators for operating modes
°F and °C scales
Reading hold mode
Step mode for quick sequential recall of calibrator outputs from memory
Manual/automatic ramping for testing controller setpoints
Conforms to ITS-90 thermocouple tables
Dust proof, splash proof, drop proof construction
Built-in tilt stand/hanger for bench use or hands free field measurements
User friendly programming
Retains data and programming, even when turned off
Performs diagnostic tests and indicates fault conditions
Low battery and open sensor indications
The OMEGA CL25 handheld calibrator/thermometer simulate, measure, and record RTD, Ω, thermocouple, and thermistor signals—all in one.
Featuring an accuracy of 0.3ºC (0.5ºF) at ambient temperatures from 18 to 28ºC (64 to 82ºF) and a host of powerful keypad functions, this meter outperforms the competition.