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Quad Tech Guardian 5000 5000V
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Guardian 5000


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The Guardian 5000 is four instruments in one providing AC Hipot, DC Hipot, Insulation Resistance and Ground Bond measurements in one versatile instrument. This provides a cost effective solution to electrical safety compliance testing with maximum flexibility for present and future requirements. Performing all of the electrical safety tests in one box can reduce test time, increase productivity and reduce the number of boxes requiring calibration.
The Guardian 5000 is a digital hipot providing load and line regulation. This ensures correct test voltages and accurate trip limits regardless of the device under test. The ability to perform 15 steps and IEEE-488 interface or optional RS232 interface makes the Guardian 5000 ideal for automated testing of products either stand alone or with a computer.
Programmable Output Voltage to 5KV AC and 6KV DC
Insulation Resistance Measurements from 10M to 10G
Ground Bond Testing to 30A AC with Adjustable Limit
Multi-point Scanner Option for High Voltage Switching of up to 64 Points
Programmable Ramp and Test Times
Storage of 50 Tests Setups with 15 Steps per Setup
Continuous Leakage Current Monitoring
Trip Current Programmable to 40mA AC and 20mA DC
Front Panel Lockout
IEEE-488 and Remote Control Interfaces, Standard
RS232 Interface, Optional
LabVIEW® Instrument Driver Software