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Quad Tech 1865 Megohmmeter/IR tester
Elgin, IL, USA
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Quad Tech 1865 Features:
Measurements from 1kΩ to 100TΩ, with Auto Ranging
Direct Reading of Measured Resistance or Current
0.5% Basic Measurement Accuracy
Programmable Test Voltage from 1 to 1000VDC
Large LCD Display for Menu Programming and Test Results
Fully Programmable Measure Cycle Times
Averaging for Increased Accuracy
Storage of Multiple Test Setups for Quick Startup
RS-232 and PLC Interfaces Standard, IEEE-488 Optional
Keypad Lockout with Password Protection
Automatic Test Lead Zeroing To Eliminate Connection Errors
Limit Entry for Pass/Fail Testing
Safety Interlock and High Voltage Indicator for Operator Safety
Precision Measurements: The Quad Tech 1865 provides resistance measurement capability from 1kΩ to 100TΩ (test voltage dependent) with a basic accuracy of 0.5%. To meet test requirements for a wide range of devices, the test voltage is fully programmable up to 1000V DC. Sensing the proper resistance measurement range is done automatically, thus eliminating setup errors; and in order to eliminate lead or fixture errors, the operator can easily initiate an automatic zeroing routine of test leads.
Pass/Fail Testing: Measured results are automatically compared to an operator programmed limit for pass/fail testing. Pass/Fail indicator lights or a pass/fail output from the instrument's I/O interface provide a clear indication of the measured results.
Program and Data Storage: Test setup conditions and measured results can be stored in instrument memory or on 3 1/2" disk when using the extended program storage option.
Automated Testing: For automated system applications, the instrument includes an I/O interface connection with remote start and pass/fail outputs. An optional IEEE-488 interface is also available which enables the Quad Tech 1865 to be used under computer control.
Current Display Mode: Besides a readout of insulation resistance in ohms, the operator can select a display mode for reading the measured current directly.
Safety Features: The Quad Tech 1865 provides safety features such as current limiting, a warning indicator when high voltage is active, and safety interlock, all for protection of the operator.
Component Test Fixture: An accessory fixture is available for use with the 1865 which accomodates a variety of component types, including radial, axial and chip components. It's shielded case reduces electrical noise and interference and includes a cover interlock switch and remote start for maximum operator safety.