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Rohde & Schwarz ESVB Test
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With a bandwidth of 1.5 MHz and 8 MHz matching the DAB/DVB-T channel, ESVB is able to cover the entire COFDM spectrum. The power of the total spectrum at the receiver input is the measure of DAB/ DVB-T coverage. Due to the addition of very many carriers with pseudorandom phases, the DAB/DVB-T signal behaves like white noise within the transmission bandwidth, so that only the RMS measurement method is suitable for determining the power. A thermal power meter is inadequate for mobile measurements because of the speed. Therefore, the ESVB features an RMS detector allowing the power at the receiver input to be indicated very quickly and over a wide range.
Large display range, 60 dB even for quasi-peak and average indication; 70 dB for DAB/DVB signal measurements without changing input attenuation
1 fixed-tuned and 5 tracking preselection filters, optionally 4 additional fixed-tuned filters
Crystal-stabilized synthesizer as 1st local oscillator, variable in 100 Hz steps, sweep mode for fast frequency scanning; frequency accuracy complying with GSM recommendations
IF filters (10 kHz,120 kHz, 300 kHz) with optimized group delay in the third IF stage; additional 1.5 MHz and 8 MHz channel filters for DAB/DVB (SAW filters type).
I/Q demodulator (1.5/4 MHz bandwidth per demodulated channel); I/Q demodulator for narrow-band IF filters included in ESN-B1 (bandwidth = 1/2 IF bandwidth)