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Rohde & Schwarz FSV13 10
Elgin, IL


Electronic Test Equipment
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Scalar network analysis:
easy measurement of frequency response, bandwidth, gain
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Signal analyzer
Subcategory 3:
Spectrum analyzer


Rohde & Schwarz FSV13 Features:
Frequency range up to 4, 7, 13.6 GHz
Up to 160 MHz signal analysis bandwidth (w/FSV-B160 option)
0.4 dB level measurement uncertainty up to 7 GHz
Measurement applications for GSM/EDGE (including EDGE Evolution), WCDMA/HSPA+, LTE, WiMAX™, WLAN, CDMA2000®, 1xEV-DO, vector signal analysis
Easy on-site upgrading with options
–110 dBc (1 Hz) phase noise at 10 kHz frequency offset
+15 dBm third order intercept (TOI)
Displayed average noise level (DANL) in 1 Hz bandwidth: –155 dBm at 1 GHz. With FSV-B24 Preamp, –164 dBm at 10 GHz.
Removable hard drive for applications where security is a concern
Universal and Wideband
The R&S® FSV is an exceptionally fast and versatile signal and spectrum analyzer for performance-oriented, cost-conscious users working in the development, production, installation and servicing of RF systems. In development applications, the R&S®FSV excels due to its outstanding RF properties, a 160 MHz signal analysis bandwidth that is unmatched in its class, and a wide range of analysis packages for analog modulation methods as well as wireless and wideband communications standards. The R&S® FSV is up to five times faster than comparable signal and spectrum analyzers and provides measurement routines that are optimized for speed and high data-throughput. This is a crucial advantage in production applications. With its touchscreen for easy operation, compact dimensions, low weight and direct support of power sensors, the R&S® FSV is the best possible choice for installation and service work.
Ready for tomorrow's standards
Fully digital back-end ensures high measurement accuracy and excellent repeatability
160 MHz signal analysis bandwidth largest in its class; suitable for WLAN IEEE 802.11ac
Largest I/Q memory depth in its class for recording long signal sequences
Low test costs and high throughput for efficient production
Up to five times faster than other signal and spectrum analyzers
Customized test routines for production applications
Efficient operation via remote control
Wealth of functions and performance for effective use in labs
Outstanding RF performance for a mid-range analyzer
Unsurpassed level measurement accuracy up to 7 GHz
Power measurement functions for the analysis of digital communications systems
Versatile marker and trace functions
Scalar network analysis: easy measurement of frequency response, bandwidth, gain
Intuitive operation
Touchscreen operation
Hotkeys for fast access to all important functions
Easy transition to the next generation in signal analysis
Remote control compatibility with the R&S® FSP and R&S® FSU
Functional compatibility with existing Rohde & Schwarz signal and spectrum analyzers
Low life-cycle costs
Easy on-site upgrading with options
Easy scalability to handle application-specific requirements
Always up-to-date with free firmware updates