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Rohde & Schwarz URV55 9
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
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Optional test generator:
1 mW/50 MHz
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Rohde & Schwarz URV55 Features:
200 μ V to 1000 V, 9 kHz to 3 GHz with voltage sensors
100 pW to 30 W, DC to 40 GHz with power sensors
Voltage, level and power measurements
Large choice of intelligent probes and sensors (URV5-Z, NRV-Z)
Remote control of all functions via GPIB interface
DC frequency input for tracking frequency-response correction
Analog output for YT recorder
Storage of 20 complete instrument setups
13 digital filters for noise suppression, automatic or manual filter selection
Optional test generator: 1 mW/50 MHz
RF/DC voltage, level and power measurements
The R&S URV55 Millivoltmeter is suitable for voltage measurements up to 3 GHz as well as for power and level measurements up to 40 GHz. Thanks to probes with calibration data memory and temperature sensors, which make adjustments by the user superfluous, the URV55 provides high-precision measurements that are free of operator error.
The comprehensive range of measuring heads of the URV5-Z series includes high-impedance voltage probes as well as insertion units for voltage measurements on coaxial lines. In addition, all thermal power and diode sensors of the NRV-Z series can be used with the URV55. The URV55 measures voltages in the range from 200 μ V to 1000 V and covers the frequency range from DC to 3 GHz. Power measurements are possible up to 40 GHz.