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Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ06 0.3
Elgin, IL, USA


Electronic Test Equipment
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Signal generator


Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ06 Features:
0.1 Hzresolution
Multi-functional broadband digital modulation signal generator of second of 7 trillion reachable symbols of signal rate.
Support simulation and digital modulation mode at the same time.
Mainly move the communication standard and produce TDMA and CDMA signals according to all.
Can produce the broadband IQ modulator of the extremely high-accuracy vector signal.
Available inside decline simulator, use for, measure, move relation property that communication standard stipulates.
The Rohde & Schwarz SMIQ series signal generator supports various simulation and digital modulation mode. Because this serial instrumentation advanced circuit engineerings and open system architectures, whether or the newest progress hold-in in their total energy and digital modulation technical field in future so no matter at present. Series SMIQ include four kinds of types, frequency domain and application of every type are different to some extent. SMIQ02 and SMIQ03 have characteristic difficult to be equal to of similar instruments in sum signal quality of signal aspect, need to carry on product development and type to permit the users that tests will be easy to make the choice while buying the signal generator. The appearance that economy SMIQ02E and SMIQ03E designed them to carry on production test specially has offered a kind of high performance-cost ratio to user that those are short of fund to solve Scheme.