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Rohde & Schwarz URE2 Voltmeter
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Rohde & Schwarz URE2 Features:
True RMS weighting for AC and AC + DC
More than 30 measurements/s
41/2-digit display and analog display with selectable scale
Very high measurement accuracy
Highpass and lowpass filters
Relative measurement, maxima/ minima
Convenient menu-guided operation
Use of commercial probes, taking into account their division factor in the displayed result
IEC bus (IEEE488)
The Rohde & Schwarz URE2 is a broadband RMS voltmeter featuring extremely high accuracy and speed. A patented rectifier circuit allows measurement of signals with a crest factor of up to 7 and frequencies of up to 25 MHz.
Fields of application:
Level measurements in audio range
Interference measurements on switch-mode power supplies
Measurement of extremely fast dialing signals and detection of simultaneously transmitted supply voltages in radiotelephony
Automatic quality control of audio and video tapes
High-frequency measurements in digital magnetic storage and optical data storage
Peak weighting in video measurements (sync signals)
Secondary calibration standard
Measurement accuracy
A patented rectifier circuit with microprocessor-controlled auto calibration makes for the outstanding measurement characteristics of Rohde And Schwarz URE2 and URE3. In order to further enhance the accuracy, correction factors are determined for each instrument and measurement range and stored in a nonvolatile memory. A zero function allows noise voltages and the inherent noise to be compensated for, the measurement accuracy being thus increased in particular at low levels. The measured frequency value is used by URE3 for an internal frequency response correction. This method increases the accuracy mainly at the higher frequencies. Distortion-free measurement of signals is ensured by:
high input impedance
low input capacitance
highpass and lowpass filters that can be switched in to suppress hum or high-frequency noise voltages