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Sencore CM2125 Computer Monitor Analyzer
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There’s definitely more to servicing computer monitors than simply checking a couple of test points and changing parts. When you’ve committed yourself or your business to computer monitor servicing, you’re forced to deal with high frequency video, multiple formats, and customers who demand fast turn-around. We've designed the best possible answer to monitor servicing challenges.
The CM2125 is a complete and easy-to-use high resolution Computer Monitor Analyzer. The CM2125 lets you test momochrome, color, digital, and analog computer monitors. If you need to test a monitor, the CM2125 has the signals you need. No more lost time, lost profits, or lost business. Plus, the CM2125 is the absolute easiest to use monitor analyzer on the market.
You get a special sync-locked signal substituter. The CM2125 uses the signal substitution troubleshooting technique to isolate problems in less than half the time you now take. Signal substitution helps you narrow the problem down to a single stage by injecting a known good signal into the input of a functional block (seen below) and monitoring the output or the CRT. If the output is OK (a clear, locked-in picture on the display), you can be confident all the circuits between the injection point and the CRT are good. The CM2125 gives you all the signals you need for troubleshooting from the input to the CRT to narrow down any monitor problem with ease.
The CM2125 is an innovative performance testing pattern generator, plus, it is a patented “ringer” and high voltage multiplier tester.
Sencore CM2125 Features:
A complete, easy-to-use, high resolution computer monitor analyzer
Special sync-locked signal substitutor for pinpointing monitor circuit problems
Innovative performance pattern generator
Patented "ringer" and HV multiplier tester that finds defective:
integrated high voltage transformers (IHTV)
switching transformers
A fully programmable scan frequency and pixel resolution RGB video generator
bandwidth to 125 MHz and 2048 x 2048 pixels
compatible with TTL, analog, and ECL video types
70 monitor setup memory locations (43 programmed)
outputs protected to prevent damage from defective computer monitors
"Hook-up" adapters available