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Spirent/TAS/Netcom 4500 RF Channel Emulator
Elgin, IL, USA


Stock number:
0 to -25 dBm
+5 to -30 dBm
-10 dBm
Damage level:
+20 dBm
Rf bandwidth:
26 MHz
Condition info:
Lo input level:
+13 DbM
Rf input signal:
900 or 1800 MHz sinewave
Output attenuator:
o dB
Lo input frequency:
RF Input Frequency -140MHz
Channel configuration:
Dual Channel
Channel insertion loss:
12 dB typical, 16 dB maximum
Rf input signal frequency range:
25 to 4000 MHz
Number of independent rf channels:
1 or 2


TAS 4500 Features:
RF Input Signal: 900 or 1800 MHz sinewave
RF Input Level: -10 dBm (Input Reference Level set 3.0 dB less than input overload)
Output Attenuator: o dB
LO Input Level: +13 DbM
LO Input Frequency: RF Input Frequency -140MHz
One Path On,Path Modulation: none, Path Loss: 0 dB, Path Delay: 0 us
Channel Configuration: Dual Channel
RF Input Signal Frequency Range: 25 to 4000 MHz
RF Bandwidth: 26 MHz
Number of Independent RF Channels: 1 or 2
RF Input Signal Level:
Range: +5 to -30 dBm
Nominal: -10 dBm
Damage Level: +20 dBm
Automatic Reference Level Range: 0 to -25 dBm
RF Bandwidth Peak to Peak Amplitude Variation: 1dB Typical, 2dB MAXIMUM
channel Insertion Loss:12 dB typical, 16 dB maximum