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Tektronix 1735HD HDTV Waveform Monitor
Elgin, IL, USA


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Tektronix 1753HD Features:
HDTV Sweep Speeds
Full 30 MHz Analog Video Bandwidth
Six Video Input Channels
Parade and Overlay Displays
Half Rack Width
Complete Line Select
Accepts Tri-level Sync
On-screen Readouts
Analog High-definition Video Monitoring for Broadcast or Medical Applications
The Tektronix 1735HD is a multi-standard, wide bandwidth television waveform monitor developed in support of high definition television production formats.
Selectable Operating Formats
In addition to high definition production formats, it provides monitoring capabilities in 525 line/60 field and 625 line/50 field signal standards. The Agilent 1735HD accepts tri-level or traditional bilevel synchronizing signals.
Multiple Wideband Inputs
Six wide-bandwidth input channels are provided for monitoring composite or component signals. New input amplifiers provide flat frequency response and excellent return loss characteristics through 30 MHz.Input signal processing provides a choice of DC restoration or an unclamped display. Inputs may be referenced to ground. One signal may be displayed in a dual filter mode, with one line or field low pass filtered and one unfiltered. When two or three different input signals are displayed, the second and third may be offset from the first to allow accurate comparison.
Accurate Timing Measurements
To facilitate timing measurements in the critical high definition environment, up to three signals may be presented side by side or overlaid. A channel subtraction mode allows timing comparison using the Bowtie signal. Calibrated timing is facilitated by a versatile horizontal magnifier.
Full Line Select
Full frame line select, with on-screen readout of line number, is provided in each television line/field format. The line to be displayed may be selected at the front panel and a predefined line may be easily recalled. The selected line is intensified in the field rate display and on the picture monitor output. A companion 1720 Series Vectorscope may be connected to display a vector presentation of a selected line or the full field signal in composite (NTSC or PAL) applications.