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Tektronix TCP0030A 120, MHZ High
Elgin, IL, USA
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Tektronix TCP0030A Features:
Easy-to-use and accurate AC/DC current measurements
Intelligent communication with TekVPI™ oscilloscopes provides: Units scaling and readout
Automatic, on-screen readout of amps and magnitude and Manual setup is not required
Hand calculation from volts to amps is unnecessary
Push button degauss and Autozero functionality
Probe status and diagnostic indicator LEDs
Remote GPIB/USB probe control
Split-core construction allows easy circuit connection
High accuracy with typically less than 1% DC gain error
Low noise and DC drift
3rd party safety certification
DC to >120 MHz bandwidth
30 A RMS maximum current capability
50 A peak pulse current capability
High accuracy with typically less than 1% DC gain error
Accurately measures current levels as low as 1 mA
Power supplies
Semiconductor devices
Power inverters/converters
Electronic ballasts
Industrial/consumer electronics
Mobile communications
Motor drives
Transportation systems
The Tektronix TCP0030A is a high-performance, easy-to-use AC/DC current probe designed for use and direct connection to oscilloscopes with the TekVPI™ probe interface. This AC/DC current measurement probe provides greater than 120 MHz of bandwidth with selectable 5 A and 30 A measurement ranges. It also provides exceptional low-current measurement capability and accuracy to current levels as low as 1 mA, important for meeting today's challenging current measurement needs.