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Valhalla Scientific 2230A Programmable Power
Elgin, IL, USA
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The VAlhalla Scientific 2230A is a high-performance multifunction audio analyzer featuring a measuring signal generator with fast response and high stability and 10 measuring functions. It consists of a measuring signal generation block incorporating a programmable (DDS) oscillator and high-speed measurement block which processes signals using a notch filter HPF and LPF and applies DSP computations. The 10 measuring functions include the frequency measurement AC level measurement with a wide bandwidth up to 210 kHz wattage measurement total distortion measurement total harmonic distortion measurement high-order harmonic analysis S/N ratio measurement L/R ratio measurement SINAD measurement and DC level measurement. These functions can be used independently or can also be combined with the signal generation block to build audio measuring systems with low noise high accuracy and high speed. With digital technology invested everywhere the VAlhalla Scientific 2230A makes possible fully automated measurements including automatic range switching and automatically synchronized measurement data output. In addition it is also packed with a multiplicity of versatile functions including a preset memory for storing and recalling up to 100 measure-ment condition settings a limiting function using zone display with GO/NO-GO judgment of the measurement results an auto sequencing function which recalls the preset memory settings in sequence a printer output for printing the measurement results an EXT I/O for remote control and a GP-IB as standard.
DSP for Measurements Based on FFT Computations
DDS Signal Generator with Low Distortion
Large LCD for Versatile Display
Excellent Operability
GP-IB Provided as Standard
Floating Switching
SINAD Measurement
Two Input/Output Channels