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Wavecrest SIA3000 3GHz Signal Analyzer
Elgin, IL, USA


Condition info:
Hardware resolution:
200 fs
Number of channel cards:


Wavecrest SIA3000 Features:
Number of channel cards: 2
Maximum frequency and data rate options: configurable up to 3GHz / 4.5Gb/s
Hardware resolution: 200 fs
external inputs and outputs: 3 USB ports (2 on front , 1 on rear), GPIB, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet, RS-232, 10MHz external output, 10MHz timebase output
The Wavecrest SIA3000 SIGNAL INTEGRITY ANALYZER with the rapid increase of clock speeds and data rates due to the exponential growth in data transmission, test engineers and production managers are coming to grips with a new market reality: If you want to ensure signal integrity, you have to control jitter. That`s exactly why you need the WAVECREST SIA-3000 family of instruments. These powerful new test and measurement solutions simplify jitter analysis and deliver accurate results faster than any other instrument.
The Wavecrest SIA-3000 makes first-time users look like seasoned jitter experts. With its integrated display, and intuitive, pushbutton controls, you can launch multiple views of data, switch tools or scroll through windows. Plus, a setup wizard guides you through instrument configuration step-by-step for every test.
The Wavecrest SIA-3000 has up to 10 fully parallel channels, and it can test multiple channels for jitter and accuracy at the same time. It provides measurement capabilities you would normally get from an oscilloscope, a bit error rate (BER) tester, a time interval analyzer and a spectrum analyzer. Plus, it has advanced jitter separation capabilities these instruments can t offer.