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The UC10A is a feature-packed, highly accurate universal counter that measures frequency, period, frequency ratio of two input signals, time interval between two input signals, and unit count (totalize mode). It measures frequency from 5Hz to 100MHz with an input sensitivity of 20mV over the entire range. Four user-selectable gate times allow measurements at four levels of resolution. Push buttons provide easy access to six functional capabilities, four gate time selections, attenuator, input frequency range, and reset. Function selections are indicated by a combination of an LED indicator and a distinctive annunciator tone. A large, 8-digit LED indicates all readings. OVER, GATE, kHz and msec are separately identified by LEDs. A built-in 10:1 attenuator mini-mizes false counting by reducing sensitivity and thus noise effects. To verify internal time base generator and counter accuracy, the UC10A has complete self-check capability.
The UC10A is housed in a stylish case, featuring a cushion grip carrying handle/tilt stand, rear cord wrap, and recessed areas in the top cover for easy stacking of multiple units.
5 Hz to 100 MHz frequency range
Two input channels
Measures frequency, period, frequency
Ratio, time interval, and unit count
20mv input sensitivity
4 selectable gate times
14 led indicators
8-digit led display
Internal oscillator self check