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Yokogawa Electric WT300 Power Analyzer
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Yokogawa Electric WT300 Features:
Wide current input ranges: The Yokogawa Electric WT300 series offers a wide range of current inputs from a few mA t
Simultaneous measurement of all parameters: The WT300 can measure all DC and AC parameters. The WT300 series can also measure harmonics and perform integration simultaneously without changing the measurement mode.
Fast display and data update rate: The fast display and 100 ms maximum data update rate of the Yokogawa Electric WT300 series offers a short tact time in testing procedures. 0.1% of reading + 0.1% of range (50Hz/60Hz)
MAX hold function: The maximum values of RMS/PEAK voltage & current active power, reactive power and apparent power can be held.
Line filter and frequency filter capability: These filter functions will cut off unnecessary noise & harmonic components for fundamental waveform measurements.
The Yokogawa Electric WT300's wide range of funcations and enhanced specifications allows to handle all the measurement applications from low-frequency to high frequency inverters using a single power meter. Accuracy with fast display and update rate: The Yokogawa Electric WT300 series with the fast display and date update rate of Max. 100ms offers the customer a short tact time in their testing procedure. The basic accuracy for all input ranges is 0.1% rdg + 0.1% rng (50/60Hz) and DC 0.1% rdg + 0.2% rng (0.2% + 0.2% for 40A). Simultaneous Measurement: U/I/P/Freq/Integ(+/-)/Harmonics components/ THD with max. 100ms cycle. In addition to standard power measurements, the Yokogawa Electric WT300 offer a wide range of harmonic measurement capabilities, including the ability to carry out simultaneous measurement of normal power parameters such as RMS, mean or DC power along with measurement of harmonics up to the 50th order. As a result, overall measurement times are reduced, allowing users to allocate their effort and time to other tasks.