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Adtech AX/4000 401324 Ethernet 10/100
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AX/4000 401324


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This Spirent Adtech AX/4000 401324 Ethernet 10/100 Base-T Interface and faceplate provides a physical Ethernet connection from the AX/4000 Version II or mAX test modules to an Ethernet HUB or Ethernet NIC. This electrical interface provides RJ-45 HUB and NIC connectors and uses 10/100BASE-T line coding, with auto negotiation or manual interface configuration.
The port interface plugs into mating connectors on the AX/4000 test module.
The faceplate has eleven LED indicators. Refer to the faceplate photo for a description of each LED function.
The port interface may be controlled via the AX/4000 Windows -or UNIX-based graphical interface, or through Adtech's C-function library or Tcl extensions.
The Operation Mode determines the interface data path for the AX/4000. Normal mode is used to generate data from the AX/4000 to the external equipment, and to analyze incoming data from the external equipment. Diagnostic Loopback mode provides an internal transmit to receive loopback to analyze generated data without requiring an external loopback cable.