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Adtech AX/4000 401427 Ethernet Control
Elgin, IL, USA
AX/4000 401427


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10BaseT Ethernet interface for the AX/4000 Broadband Test System chassis.
It replaces the standard control module normally supplied with the chassis, and allows the AX/4000 system to connect to an Ethernet-based network for remote access and control.
Operate the AX/4000 system remotely using the AX/4000 network access software or the optional AX/4000 multi-user software.
This module provides all of the functions of the standard control module including a timestamp generator and BNC connectors for synchronizing the timestamps of multiple chassis.
An IEEE-488 GPIB interface provides a direct connection to a controller when remote access is not required.
The Ethernet Control Module contains an embedded computer system with its own CPU, RAM, Flash ROM, and UNIX operating system.
Part Number 401427 is for use in the mainframe chassis.