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Adtech AX/4000 401400 1 Gbps
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AX/4000 401400


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The Adtech AX/4000 401400 1Gps mAX Generator/Analyzer Module mAX Generator/Analyzer/Interface Module is a multi-functional test module incorporating ATM, IP, Frame Relay, and Ethernet broadband testing capacity for the Adtech AX/4000 Broadband Test System. The testing technologies operate in a single, compact package, allowing live interworking tests in one chassis.
A high-speed, programmable, hardware-based design for continuous, bull-rate test traffic generation and analysis.
Custom test traffic generation with up to eight independent traffic source per port, of which seven have their own real-time distribution model.
Automatic identification and complete analysis of up to 2,040 substreams per port in Layer 2 mode and up to 4,092 substreams in Layer 3 mode.
Field-programmable hardware so the mAX module can be converted in seconds for testing at speeds up to 1Gbps.
Full compatibility with all AX/4000 text systems and more than 20 plug-in interfaces.
Remote, multi-user, multi-system access, and multiple net-worked AX/4000 systems that can be combined to operate as a single virtual test system.
Ease of upgrading for new features without removing the module from chassis.
PRBS error Detection: Payload is filled with an ITU pseudo-random bit sequence to test for error-free data transmission in the DUT or SUT.