2017 Wematik Schlegelmäher Bendigo 180 Toppers in Emlichheim, Germany

Emlichheim, Germany
$3,235 (USD)
Schlegelmäher Bendigo 180


590 kg
Working width:
1.80 m
Tractor mounted:
Agriculture equipment in Germany
Subcategory 2:
Orchard and vineyard


WEMATIK Side Mower Bendigo 180
Article number: WLM12
The Bendigo 180 side mower makes your garden, meadows and digging work much easier. It is excellently suitable for cleaning meadows, mulching trenches and mowing edge strips. Thanks to its good workmanship and the simple technology, this side-mounted lawn mower is a cost-effective machine for professional use. A working width of 1.80 meters is ideal for fast and clean work.
For all those who like to put their own hand, the Bendigo 180 side mower is the perfect partner in the garden, meadows and ditch areas. It is ideal for use with a small tractor or a mid-class tractor. The flail mower has a free-wheeling gearbox and has a protection against collision.
The Bendigo 180 side mower from WEMATIK shines with its clean and fast grasmus. The construction of this side mower is very robust and resistant. At the front of the sidewall mower, pendulum pellets prevent a breakdown of stones or other dangerous objects. The follower roller leaves behind a clean and flat mown meadow. With two hydraulic cylinders, the side mower can be used perfectly on slopes and clearing trenches. This flail mower can be pulled both on the side of the tractor and behind the tractor. It can be tilted by 1.40 meters on the side. This mulcher is also ideally suited for the support of a hedge. You can use the Bendigo side mower 180 to process hedges up to a height of 2.50 meters.
Take a look at our product video for all these features.
Technical specifications:
- Manufacturer: WEMATIK
- Model: Bendigo 180
- Working width: 1780 mm
- Tilt angle to: 90 °
- inclination angle from: 53 °
- Follow-up roller Ø: 150 mm
- Mulch shaft Ø: 130 mm
- Transmission: free-wheeling transmission
- Anti-collision protection
- Number of knives: 16 pieces
- Knife type: Hammerschlegel
- 3 point: Category 2
- Zapfw. Speed: 540U / min
- Power tractor: from 50 hp
- Weight: 590 kg
Product characteristics and highlights:
- very high quality and robust processing
- easy handling
- robust angular gear
- Anti-collision protection
- lateral pivoting by 1.40 meters
- especially suitable for plowing meadows and mulching slopes and ditches
- clean mulching pattern by follower roller
- Pendellamams on the front prevent the puncture of stones
- suitable for small intestines
- all lubrication points are easily accessible (very easy to maintain)
- CE tested according to the latest standards and guidelines
- a WEMATIK side balancer Bendigo 180
- a PTO shaft
- a user manual in English
- an invoice with VAT.
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