2015 Casadei Xenia 40 AM
Hochheim am Main, Germany
Casadei saws
Xenia 40 AM


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Subcategory 2:
Format & circular saws 2801-3300mm cutting length
Subcategory 3:
Saws * new *.


Sturdy steel gray cast iron construction guarantees precision, smoothness and durability Smooth and precise sliding table made of anodized aluminum with proven and durable smooth-ball contact system on hardened guides (5 year warranty) Grey cast iron saw table Large contact surfaces by serial cable elongation and -verbreiterung Fold-down parallel stop with fine adjustment angle adjustable crosscut, extendable up to 3200 mm, with two reversible stops boom with roll of round steel guide with diameter 50 mm side wegschwenkbarer blade pendulum protection with integrated suction as standard with 3 blade speeds (from M) Scoring unit with own scoring motor Numerical display for saw blade turning on the machine front (XENIA 40) 7.0 kW industrial motor for Daüreinsatz (P2 power output) Specifications Besäumlänge: 3200 mm max. Cutting height at mm cutting width with rip fence: 1270 mm max. Ablängbreite left of the saw blade: 3200 mm saw blade turning: 90 - 45 capacity. Saw blade diameter: 400 mm Vorritzsägeblattdurchmesser: 120 mm main saw blade speed: 3700 / min-1 Revolutions scoring saw blade: 8500 min-1 Motor Power 400V / 50Hz / S6: 7.0 kW (9.5 hp) engine power scoring: 0 , 9 kW (1.2 hp) Dust extraction: 120 mm Absaugstutzen- blade guard: 80 mm