Keithley 2810 in Germany
$7,998 USD


Test and Measurement
Multiple interfaces:
GPIB, USB, and LAN with LXI-C compatibility
Subcategory 2:
Analyzers signal


The Keithley model 2810 RF Vector Signal Analyzer combines complex signal analysis capabilities with
high performance and unprecedented ease of use.
It is designed to address a wide range of measurement needs for wireless devices, wireless transceiver modules and RF components.
In production testing applications, the model 2810’s fast frequency tuning, rapid attenuator switching and
high speed digital signal processing reduce test time significantly, which helps to minimize overall testing costs.
Its compact, half-rack enclosure conserves rack space, which is always at a premium in production test environments.
Research and development engineers will appreciate how the model 2810’s fast sweep times with
narrow resolution bandwidths over wide frequency spans allow them to obtain the maximum information
from a spectrum for characterization and analysis.
A highly intuitive graphical user interface and simple operation allow even occasional users to make measurements
with the model 2810 with confidence.
Continuous frequency range of 400 MHz to 2.5 GHz spans key mobile wireless frequency bands
Intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface
Modulation measurement bandwidth >30 MHz for capturing signals based on the latest high bandwidth wireless standards
Signal analysis options (see options list below) for all worldwide mobile phone standards:
GSM/GPRS/EDGE, cdma2000 1xRTT and WCDMA
Excellent channel power accuracy (±0.6 dB) for modulated mobile phone signals
Fast sweep times: A fifteen second sweep can display 200 MHz of a signal’s spectrum with a 100 Hz resolution bandwidth
Built-in, fixed-output variable frequency generator
Half-rack, 3U enclosure fits easily into both rack and bench-top systems
Remotely controllable via Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces
LXI class C compliant
The Model
Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) from Keithley Instruments allows manufacturers of mobile phones, mobile radios, cordless phones, wireless sensors, and other industrial/medical telemetry products to reduce their test times, capital equipment costs, and test system development time significantly over current technology. This cost-effective instrument makes it possible for university-level training programs to afford installing sophisticated signal analysis instrumentation in both student labs and research labs, so users can make measurements quickly, without requiring an extended learning curve before they can operate the instrument.
The Model 2810 complements the capabilities of the new Keithley Model 2910.
Compact half-rack size that fits neatly next to the Model 2910 RF Vector Signal Generator in a test rack
Similar look and feel to the Model 2910 RF Vector Signal Generator
Intuitive LCD graphical user interface for high ease of use
Front panel touch-screen or USB mouse operation
Same software-defined radio architecture as the Model 2910 RF Vector Signal Generator
Highest speed digital signal processing chip on the market for fast analysis
Frequency rang