Pfaffenhofen an der Glonn, Germany
$2,791 USD
AGF 160 Gelenkwelle inklusive


99,90 €
Working width:
1.60 m


For tractors from 60 to 90 HP
Particularly suitable for mulching slopes, ditches, vineyards or similar terrain with scrub, maize stumps, etc.
Working position can be adjusted several times from + 90 ° to -60 °. By means of a hydraulic system, the mulcher can be moved laterally over the track of the tractor (outer edge mulcher up to the center of the tractor 240cm). Inclination angle and lateral offset separately hydraulically adjustable.
Electronically balanced drive shaft ensures quiet running. The shaft runs in particularly high-quality and lubricable industrial bearings. The lubrication points are easily accessible from the outside. The drive shaft is equipped with massive hammers. Optionally with Y-knives. The cutting height can be adjusted via the lateral grinding runners. In addition, the device has a height-adjustable, heavy and self-cleaning follower roller.
At the front of the device, suspended and galvanized slats prevent the escape of stones or similar. The device complies with the applicable safety standards and is CE - certified.
Technical details:
Universal three-point attachment of category 1 + 2
- brand joint shaft B5 180cm incl.
- gearbox with freewheel
- Adjustable trailing roller
- Adjustable side feet
- Electronically balanced shaft
- 20 pcs. Massive Hammerschlegel
- Protective device against stone impact
- 3 pcs. V-belts easily accessible and adjustable
- Working width 160 cm
- Weight 550Kg
Shipping: 99,90 €