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drying wastes and other materials for the animal feed industry
Industrial use:
This drying system is designed to dry wastes, renderings and other products for use in animal feed.
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Materials that can be processed:
spent grains, bakery wastes, fruit and vegetable wastes, agricultural by-products, citrus pulps, grape pulps, field crops, poultry and animal wastes and renderings, cereals


Vulcan® 20 TPH Animal Feed Dryer System - new or used Vulcan 20 ton per hour Animal Feed Dryer dries ingredients used in animal feed, such as a mixture of spent grains or bakery wastes. This system has been designed to reduce moisture content in the feed ingredients through a direct fired rotary dryer. Particulate matter emissions (dust) are controlled using a wet dust extractor. The system includes the following major components:
Material Feed System:
specially lined feed hopper and Tuffman® screw conveyor
Rotary Dryer:
direct fired rotary dryer, drive, seals, industrial burner and combustion chamber
Dry Material Discharge:
Tuffman® incline screw conveyor
Air Pollution Control Devices:
dust extractor with water filter and an internal, induced draft fan
push button control panels or programmable logic controllers, PLC, options available
Process Description
The Vulcan® 20 TPH Animal Feed Dryer is fed wet animal feed ingredients to a high slip-lined hopper which gravity feeds a Tuffman® screw conveyor, which transports material directly into the dryer. The Vulcan® direct fired rotary dryer is the workhorse of the drying industry. A simple unit, the inclined rotating cylinder, is fitted with a combustion chamber where an industrial burner radiates heat through the chamber and down the center of the drum. The combustion chamber ensures no feedstock is scorched during the drying process. This unscathed material is picked up by lifting flights and then cascaded into the hot combustion gases. This intense mixing provides the heat required for the phase transformation of liquid water into steam. As material progresses through the drum, more and more water is vaporized until the dried product drops by gravity into the Tuffman® inclined discharge conveyor. Vapors, combustion gases, steam and tramp air entrain dust particles known as particulate matter, which must be controlled. The standard feed dryer controls dust through a Vulcan® dust extractor, which includes a motor, fan, demisters, pre-filter box, water filter, pumps and all plumbing. This versatile unit can handle 14,000 to 21,000 CFM. Another advantage of this wet type dust extractor is elimination of the possibility of "mudding the baghouse.
New or used
Customizable to meet your specific process needs including:
Adding knockers to prevent internal buildup
Pollutant limiting burners for reducing NOx and/or CO emissions
Abrasion resistant linings
Abrasion resistant flighting
Insulation to increase thermal efficiency
Vulcan® Vapor Heater
Cyclone and baghouse in place of the wet dust extractor
Drying of spent grains for animal feed industry
Drying bakery, fruit and vegetable wastes for animal feed industry
Drying agricultural products and by-products, such as potatoes, tomatoes and bagasse
Drying citrus pulps, grape pulps, corn by-products and vegetable and beet pulps
Drying field crops for animal feed industry
Drying of animal, feed and poultry wastes and renderings
Drying of cereals, i.e. parboiled rice, for the food processing industry